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About Monastery World Guide

Here's an easy portal from reality to spirituality. Monastery World Guide is a one of a kind app that lets you search the finest monasteries in India, know all about their rich heritage, search basic amenities nearby, calculate distance, avail lodging details, and a lot more! Join millions of other religious pilgrims in a quest that leads to utmost peace and tranquility.

FIND ANYTHING: Discover nearby areas of interest around your selected monastery that might come in handy when you pay a visit. From the nearest ATM to restaurants, medical stores in case there is an emergency, find almost anything!

GET INSIGHTS: How many of you knew that there were around 200 monasteries in Sikkim alone? Know fun facts about your favorite monasteries or take a dive in their rich culture all at one place.

DISTANCE CALCULATOR: Plan your trip in the most efficient way by calculating the distance to your destination monastery, discovering the exact time it takes to reach, and seizing the best route to it.

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Take a break from all your problems, get in touch with your inner self and enhance your well-being.

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Indulge in the divine and devotional activities like meditation, Dhamma discussions, and many more!

Monastery Distance Calculator

Plan your trip in the most efficient way by calculating the distance to your destination monastery

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